Ummulkiram Asif Khambati (Grade 12, Dubai Gems Private School)


This poem is a story of the tree -  that was once a frail sapling, a tiny nut or a miniscule seed. A day came when it stood tall with its roots grounded, branches all stretched out towards the sky, braving all the atrocities by nature or by men to give shade, to bear fruits, beautiful fragrant flowers - for it to be only  chopped off mercilessly, killed in cold blood, wounded and bleeding.


Ummul feels being her first participation at a Poetic Heart even is a brilliant initiative the SGI has taken to talk about social issues, through poetry which is like art specially in the Arab World it is used as a platform to express one’s feelings and we have some eminent poets in the Arab world .

Umual also feels that the young students can join as a community with SGI to address more and more issues like female infanticide etc. and would certainly like to participate again in the event as this is one way to give back to the society.