Siya Arora

    Siya Arora is a 15-year old singer-songwriter from India. Growing up in a family where everyone is a huge music lover, Siya grew with a strong passion for music andhas studied Indian Classical Music for about 4 years.

    Siya's interest in artistic pursuits started with her participation in Theatre since she was 9. But, her inclination since that age towards the music industry and a keenness to be a writer soon turned her hobby into a passion.

    After learning to play the guitar, Siya started giving tunes to her words. Very soon this turned into her first Original song 'Slow Down World' being composed and released which gained acclaim in UAE across the various media platforms. This is how her journey started.

    Now with two singles released, Siya hopes to make music that can bring a change in people’s life. Siya has performed on various platforms and events such as Atlantis, Ductac, Big Idea and many more. Siya is very thankful for the opportunities and wants her songs to be her identity and wishes to contribute her bit to make this world a better place.