Sheikha Khulood Al Mualla

Sheikha Khulood Al Mualla  is a Poet from the UAE. Her poetic works have established her prominent presence in the Gulf and Arab poetic scene since more than a decade ago. 

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from UAE University, a Master’s degree in Project Management from Reading University and a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language from Beirut University. 

Her literary interests in social life has won her the Buland Al Haidari Award for young Arab poets at the 30th Aseela International Festival held in Morocco in mid-August 2008. She has also participated in many Arab cultural events and International cultural festivals. 

She has published 5 poetry books, her first poetry book “Here, I lost the time” (was published in1997). In 1999, she published her second poetry book “You, Alone”; and the third one “Ha’** of the absent” in 2003 and the fourth one “Perhaps here” in 2008, followed by“ Never Quenched” which is a selection of poems. In January, 2013 her fifth book “I hold the edge of the light” was published.

She has also published her work in many Arab newspapers and magazines. She has had many of her poems translated into English, Italian, French and German as part of her participation in different international poetry events.

Three poetry books containing a selection of her poems have been published in Spanish by Costa Rica House of poetry and University of Costa Rica. The first two books were translated by Amr Mohamed Sayed and published in 2010 and 2012. Her third book in Spanish was translated by Dr Abeer Abdulhafedh and published in 2014. She also has two poetry books published in Turkish the first one was published in 2011 and her second book in Turkish was translated by Dr Mehmet Hakki and published in June 2014.