Sajedah Al Mousawi

Ms. Sajedah Al Mousawi is an Iraqi poet and has been a member of the general union of writers in Iraq since 1979. Her poems have been translated into number of languages and is considered to be one of the most prominent female poets in the Arab world according to the referendum conducted by the Arab Poetry News Agency in 2008. 

She headed the editorial board of the Iraqi Woman Magazine between 1978 and 1989 and the Republic's Cultural Club in Baghdad for several years. She is also a member of: the Arab Writers Union, the Central Cultural Committee of the Emirates Writers Union, Poetry Forum at the Emirates Writers Union, the editorial board of Al Sard Magazine and a member of the High Authority of Al Mirbed Poetry Festival until 2003. 

Ms. Sajdah Al Mousawi has taken part in many cultural festivals, meetings across many Arab countries. She has published fifteen poetry collections so far, these include: 'Child of the Palm Tree', 'The Pollen', 'At the Moon's Spring', 'The Babylonian's Diwan', 'Moon Over Al Mu'allaq Bridge', 'Sobs', 'Al Sura Le Suhail', 'Messages to the people of Earth', 'Turtledoves' Cooing', 'Tabarih Sumaria', 'Iraq will stay', 'the Daisy Island', 'Iraq has cried' and 'Crystal Beads'.