Neusha Haque (Dubai Gem Private School)

Neusha Haque is sixteen  years old and is studying in Dubai Gem Private School for the past twelve  years. The school plays a big role in her personality development.
It all started at the age of nine when she had to write a poem as an assignment for English. She still remembers that at that time she had to seek help of her father for it as she could not figure out the contents.  
Her father, who was quite a poet himself, decided to guide her and together they  managed to write her first poem about the dainty yellow wildflowers, which often go unaccounted for in the vast deserts.
As for Arabic, she was introduced to the language in the school at a very young age and since then she have been fascinated by the beauty of this melodious language.

Some of her feelings she expresses as " Staring out into the azure sky, I often felt time slow down around me. I was overcome by a sense of awe as I looked at the clouds which came in all shapes and sizes. I was reminded of my childhood friend- how we used to lie on the grass and point at the cotton-candy shaped clouds overhead. I would say that that was my main inspiration for this poem."

All these made her realize how precious and irreversible time is. She was
delighted that she was given the chance to express herself  and receive recognition
for it.