Naseem (A SGI-Gulf Chorus)

SGI Gulf Chorus Group – NASEEM is born….

An initiative to combine music and poetry, SGI Gulf volunteers came together to give birth to a Chorus named 'Naseem'. The first performance of the Chorus group was a Japanese Song based on a poem written by Dr. Daisaku Ikeda named 'Mother'. The chorus group sing with sheer delight as they completely absorb the essence of the poem in their performances.

2014 was a debut performance by the SGI Gulf members - a gesture to contribute to local society through art & culture.

The poem 'Mother' was also translated into Arabic by Dr. Shihab Ghanem which was displayed on screen during the chorus performance. 

'NASEEM' meaning 'Breeze' in Arabic lives upto their name as they effortlessly and beautifully sing poetic melodies with ease.

Determined to sing like a Breeze and share Dr.Ikeda’s spirit towards peace and harmony for humankind, this chorus group reflects the musical spirit of the Poetic Heart event.


Haha yo- Mother- poem by Daisaku Ikeda (2014)

Morigasaki Beach- poem by Daisaku Ikeda (2015)

Dare to Believe - poem by Daisaku Ikeda (2016)

Al Emiratu Biladi - poem by Dr. Shihab Ghanem (2017)