Ms. Silvana Salmanpour

Ms. Silvana Salmanpour is an Iranian poet, living in the UAE, with continued involvement in all forms of cultural events for the last 30 years. She is educated in the field of Economics and Political Science. She was the founder of the Hafez Literature Group and member of the Friends of ‘Encyclopaedia Iranica’ and is a member of board of trustee of University of Payam e Noor Ewaz, Omidvar Hospital and Charity Foundation of School Builders.

She considers her mother as her first source of inspiration for her connection to poetry. Over the years, nature, the compassion of humanity, and the power of poetry to unite people in support of various causes whether peace and harmony or to highlight issues in society, specifically women͛ issues have all been sources of inspiration for her poems.

She has done her Bachelor of Economics from University of Shahid Beheshti Tehran, 1981. She retired as Managing Director of Albadia Publishing & Printing Distribution Co

Five books with compilation of her poetry have been published to date: 1. "Bar Bolandhaye Khiyal" / On the Highs of Dreams 2. "Nabz e Barg"/ The Pulse of the Leaf 3. "Awaz e Roshan" / The Bright Melodies 4. "Sorood e Dashte Zalavez" / The Anthem of the Zalavez Plains. This book is a collection of poems in the Larestani language with Ewazi narrative along with described phonetics and detailed translation into Farsi. 5. "Amwaj"/ Waves. This book is a collection of poems by Dr Shihab Ghanem, an Emirati port, translated into Farsi

She is a recipient of over 20 awards from universities, schools, institutes, organizations and socio-cultural centers for efforts in supporting and promoting of poetry, art, literature and culture including a Lifetime Achievement Award from community of women of Fars in UAE.

Ms. Silvan has received Appreciation Letters and Award from various Organizations and associations. These include the International University of Payam Noor Ewaz (Iran) in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 for poetry and public speaking. Omidvar Hospital –Ewaz (Iran) in 2002 for support in charity events to expand the hospital. Iranian club (UAE) in 2003 for donation of books to its library and promotion of literature. Shiraz Women Society for Poetry (Iran)in 2004. Ministry of Cultural and Higher Education (Iran) in 2004. Ministry of Education (Iran) in 2004 for charity and support of building schools through poetry. Kerman Society of Disabled (Iran) in 2004. International Congress of Fars (Iran) and Saadi Recognition in 2005. Fars Heart Foundation in 2005 for promotion in building this heart transplant hospital through charity and poetry events. Iranica (UAE) in 2006 as an advocate of creating Persian encyclopedia. Golestan Art Community (UAE) in 2007. Embassy of Iran (UAE) in 2008 for promoting and support of building Iranian School for Disabled Children through poetry. Larestan International Conference in 2010 for attendance as Guest of Honor. Iran Calligraphy Society –Ewaz (Iran) in 2010. Khabar International Publications in 2012 for many years of contribution and writing articles in the field of socio-culture and literature. UAE Writers and Poets Association (UAE) in 2013. Ewaz Star Website (UAE) in 2013. Iranian Cultural Counsel in UAE in 2013. Saadi Appreciation Night - Iranian Club (UAE) in 2015 for years of support of poetry and Farsi translation of Dr. Shihab Ghanem’s book. Participation certificate from Moscow Institute of Foreign Language in 2017 as a speaker in the field of Language, Cutlure and Society of UAE and Iranians in UAE.