Mrs. Hamda Khamis Ahmad

She graduated from Baghdad, Iraq and is the first Gulf area woman who writes theatrical poems. Books, Humanity,  Freedom,  Peace  and Nature inspired her to connect to poetries.

Some of her poems are translated into German, Spanish, English, and French languages and her latest books incude (Madeeh Al Hob) “The Praise of Love” , and (Zagab Al Bahr) “ Feather of the Sea”

She has worked as a freelance in many newspapers including Al Khaleej, Al Bayan.She received Bashraheel” poetry award  and the first award for poetry from Ministry  of Education, Bahrain.

Awarded a “ BASHRAHEEL” for Poetry award in CAIRO (EGYPT) on 2006

Awarded in Bahrain the First award for Poetry from Ministry  of Education.