Mr. Nayef Al Herais

Born in 1942 in Bisan city, Mr. Nayef Abdulla Muttlaq Al is a UAE national who completed his early education from Arraba and Amman followed by a career of 30 years in Dubai Police. He has held many ranks until he became the In-charge for Managing the College of Police for Law and Police and Security Education. Upon retiring from Dubai Police in 1993, he started pursuing his passion for poetry through the reading of poems and their history. 

It was in the year 2003 when Mr. Nayef started writing poems and he soon became well known in Arab countries for reviving a classical style of poems which stopped 1200 years ago. He follows the traditional style and structure in his poetry and his poems cover various subjects. As a well known Poet, he has been recognized for his brilliance in writing poems.

Mr. Nayef Al Herais is an active member of Emirates Writers Union. He has been invited as a Guest Speaker on a few occasions, he has received recognition in Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and U.A.E for his work. He has also made his appearance in television interviews and newspaper for his poems. 

He has already published five books of Poetry and the sixth is soon to be published in 2017. In 2015 and in 2016, his books were negotiated in International Arabic Committee for Arab Language held in May 2015. 

His books in order of publishing are: 'Salamun Ala Al Burdah', 'Sawaki Al Mattar', 'Al Misbar', 'La Tis Al Ni', and 'Asir Al Mauje'.