Mr. Kailash Chander Mathur (Kailash Mahir)

Mr. Kailash C Mathur is a poet Inspired by global contemporary events with a belief in broadening Humanism across regions and countries. His poetry reflects heart to heart connection between people to promote friendship, love and compassion.

An individual with interest in Journalism, Academic Teaching, he has a M.A.LLB degree in Law, he is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Public Administration, London; Member New Delhi Bar Association; Panelist for Economic & Industrial Development with United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Mr. Kailash C Mathur has been an honorary invitee and participant at several Poetic Symposiums in India as well overseas including USA.

He has been recognised and received many honours and awards, these include: Recognized by Government of Uttar Pradesh, India for his publication Lamsey Hawa. Recognized by Urdu Academy, Delhi Administration for his publication Lamha Lamha Pyas. Recognition for 'Kwwab Mat Dekho' by Sounds of India, Radio Channel Boston

His published works include:

• Lamsey Hawa (collection of Ghazals) in 1982

• Lamha Lamha Pyaaas(collection of nazams) in 1991

• Kamakshi (collection of poems in Hindi) in 2005.

• Translations in Urdu ...Pahaad Aur Saahil (1967)

• Hamara Kaumi Rehanuma (1967)

• Mustakbil Mein Sciencee Karishmey (1968)

• Secondary Schoolon Mein Science Ki Taleem(1968)

• Kwwab Mat Dekho (2010)

• Recent publication.....An Album of his ghazal in a CD format entitled...Lamsey Hawa in (2013)