Maryam Dehgani

A student of Scholars Indian School, RAK.

Maryam Dehgani believes she can be anything at any time of the day; whether it's a caring friend or a stern teacher. 

She feels that probably what she want to be, or something she is good at, is right in front of me and all she has to do is open her eyelids.

Even though her poems are a form of expression , she could never completely write a poem about herself , her feelings or experiences that's she has been through. 

At the same time, she can relate to all of them. 

Her poem - "HOPE”;  is a conflict between the pessimist and the optimist side within each of us. It speaks of it as a mirage and also at the same time rank it as very real.

You could "leap of faith" for this hope, but also at the same time not move an eyelash.