Malavika Suresh; Year 11G, Al Diyafah High School, Dubai

Crazy hair and rimmed glasses clutching onto her scrunched nose for dear life as she concentrates with thoughts extending beyond comprehendible depths while drinking from the world in diverse perspectives, Malavika is an aspiring poet who views ideas from a universe of her own laced with the harsh reality. 

A scintillating and a rather intriguing journey it is to flip through the pages of her journal as it never fails to whisk you through a whirlwind of emotions like bursting colours; hard to contain yet leaves you yearning for more. 

Ranging from world renowned competitions to high school involving debates and impromptu, Malavika claims that participating and returning home with accomplishments is far behind from the new-fangled knowledge that has clung on to her and by this, Malavika hopes to grow just like she would say; a book, chapter by chapter.