Kuzhur Wilson

"Without  poetry  my  life  is  a  broken  arrow". Kuzhur Wilson has to say about  his poetry. Though set it sounds a naïve realization of one self.

Born in 1975, Kerala, India, Kuzhur Wilson is one of the major voices of the new generation Malayalam poetry. He started publishing  poems from 1990 at the age of 25 and then continued to make his looming presence in the world of Malayalam poetry through online and offline periodical. To him goes the credit of launching the first blog for Malayalam poetry.

Wilson has published six volumes of poetry and one collection of essays about life in the Middle East. His first poetry collection by DC Books in 2012, got wide recognition. India Today selected it as one of the 10 best books in 2012. He has since published 5 volumes of poetry and a collection of essays. He is the recipient of N.M Viyyoth Smaraka Kavitha puraskaram and Arabian Sahithya puraskaram. He has visited 7 countries with his performing poetry. His poems have been translated into English, German, Arabic and Tamil. 'Thinthatoo' is his first collection of translated poems, which was published in 2015.

Kuzhur Wilson has recently bagged the Youth Icon Award for Literature 2016  instituted  by  the Kerala State  Youth Mission.His  works  to be published  in 2016  are  the  collection of poems titled Innu Njan Naale Nee Antappan and the English translation of his poems titled  Letters to Violet.

His travel experience adds priceless inputs to his perspectives towards the world and life. The poetic life  of Wilson gathers inputs for his creative life  through  traveling,  reading  and  being  a  humble part  of  the universe. In his 16 year career, he started as a journalist in print media and shifted jobs to work as radio journalist. For 8 years, he was one among the four leading radio news readers based in the UAE. 

Wilson, these days, is busy taking on the role of one of the directors of the INNO (Indo Norwegian Cultural Society)  and is working on the Monsoon Poetry Festival to be held in Varkala, Kerala. He is also running the Temple of Poetry in Varkala which is, as the name suggests, a temple of and for poetry.