Hassan Aly Hassan Shehabeldin

Hassan Aly Hassan Shehabeldin, born in 1972 in the city of Cairo - Egypt. His poetry is published in various magazines and newspapers in Egypt and other Arab countries including: Balcony of the cloud tired, Crested my name, Top bin Ahmed Hebron building, Tent crazy desert, Archaeological in the mirror. 

Many of his literary studies have been published in Arabic magazines including: lament the mother in Arabic poetry, Panel wolf in Arabic poetry, Image faded and old-fashioned frame, Historical - Aluaa in the poetry of Yemeni architecture, Miracles of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him in praise of the Prophet. 

He has won numerous literary awards and recognition, including: Award "raised" to the best of Oman Diwan in 2014 by the Office of geographically speech, Arabic Language Academy Award for Best Diwan in 2013 for the highest Hebron bin Ahmed Diwan building. Fadwa Toukan Prize for poetry in its first session in 2012 for best Diwan Diwan kid running around in mythology. Shield-Beirut Arab League in 2012

He has participated in numerous conferences and poetry festivals in Egypt and Arab countries, including: Festival raised Arab poetry in Muscat in 2015, First truthful Festival Beirut in 2015, Babtain Festival Abi Tammam cycle Marrakech 2014, Jwaty fourth Ahsa 2014 Festival, Fourth Poetry Festival in Oman in 2014.