Ebin George

    Ebin George hails from India and has an M.Sc Engineering in Renewable Energy from Heriot Watt University, UK and is currently pursuing his MBA. Ebin has an inborn talent for music and started playing instruments at a very early age. He has performed in various stage shows on keyboard, drums, etc. and won many accolades and prizes. At the age of six, Ebin was fortunate to be to be recognized as a ‘Young Keyboard Performer’. While studying, he was the recipient of several certificates and trophies in musical instruments like lead guitar, drums and the keyboard.

    NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE – Performance for the World Record: Ebin’s performance for the world record was held on Feb 2, 2013 at the SWC Auditorium (Sharjah Worship Centre), Sharjah, UAE. The young mesmerizing musician Ebin George proved his mettle by playing 27 instruments in an hour consecutively at a live musical concert. This musical extravaganza was witnessed by more than 2500 people along with the dignitaries, distinguished guests, leading business personalities, well wishers and friends.

    He has also won many other accolades from Inter-School competitions, Arabia Daily Inter Emirates, Lulu Group, ICPF, etc. He was fortunate to learn many more musical instruments such as Saxophone, Violin, Piano, Bass Guitar, Arabic Drums & Recorder. Being a veteran and passionate for music, he was invited to play for many musical bands. He was accorded certificates in Electronic Keyboard up to Grade 8 from the Trinity College of Music, London and also Certification in Music Production from the Berkley College of Music, USA. All the instruments were tutored by himself except the keyboard.

    In August 2013, Ebin released his first Piano Instrumental Album titled ‘FORWARD’ which comprises of piano instrumentals of popular songs with its backing tracks. The album was released internationally by various music distributors and is now available in iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. The album had received 3 nominations from ‘2014 Rhythm of Gospel Awards’, USA, for ‘International Artist of The Year’, ‘Special Event CD of The Year’ and ‘Children / Young Adult Artist of The Year’.

    For more information please visit www.ebingeorge.com  or facebook.com/ebinrecgeorge