Dr. Qais Ghanem

Dr. Qais Ghanem, born in Yemen, and having moved to Canada 37 years ago. He is a neurologist, medical teacher, published poet, novelist, peace-organizer and creator-presenter of a very popular weekly Canadian radio show – Dialogue with Diversity. 

Currently, he is on the Faculty of University of Ottawa, practicing medicine at the Ottawa Hospital where he is Director of the Sleep Centre; and at the National Defence Medical Centre, he is Director of the Neurophysiology and Sleep Laboratory. He has over 20 medical publications to his credit and his personal motto is SCSC – which stands for Stop Complaining Start Contributing. He is proficient in Arabic, English, French & Italian. 

Breaking down barriers and removing differences is the same way for Dr. Qais Ghanem, as the way of being a good human being. He has the undying interest in proving to the world that we are all equal and we must treat each other with complete respect.