Donatella Vittoria Olga Bisutti

Donatella Vittoria Olga Bisutti born in Italy in 1938, holds a university degree in Literature and Law and is a journalist by profession.

Her inspiration for poetry comes from Nature, Spirituality, Love, Civil Rights and Mythology.

Her poetry includes: "The Tree of Words" (Feltrinelli, 2002); "Magic Words" (Feltrinelli, 2008); "The Poetry saves lives" (Knopf, 1992 Feltrinelli Pocket, 2009); the novel "I want to have blue eyes" was released by Bompiani (1997).

Her major publications include: La poesia salva la vita: L’Albero delle parole, La poesia è un orecchio (Feltrinelli Editions); The Game, Anthology of poetry New York, Duet of Life, Poems published in Japan , by the Japan Universal Poets Association.

She likes to travel, meet people, explore different places and cultures, and has interest in classic and jazz music.

She is a recipient of following Awards and Honors : Bogliasco Foundation Fellow 2015;  Montale Prize 1985:  Alda Merini Prize 2014; Poetry Reading at the Poetry Reading Center in the New York University and in the Columbia University; Publisher and Editor of the  Journal Posia e Conoscenza.