Angélica Santa Olaya

Prof. Angélica Santa Olaya, Mexico City, 1962. Graduate of Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Collective Communication. Graduate of Master’s Degree in History and Ethnohistory, with a scholarship by CONACYT (2008-2010). Graduate of the School of Writers of the General Society of Mexican Writers (SOGEM). 

She is part of the catalogue of Mexican Writers of the National Institute of the Fine Arts (INBA) in Mexico. She has worked in radio, television and written press. She was also part of a group of independent drama and theatre and studied painting. 1st place in two short story and children’s story contests in Mexico and 2nd place in the 5th International Poetry Contest “Victoria Siempre 2008”, Entre Ríos, Argentina. She has been published in several latin american and ibero american story, poetry and theatre anthologies, as well as in several national and international diaries and magazines in the American continent, Europe and the Middle East.

Author of Dwell time (Habitar el Tiempo) Tintanueva publishing house, Mexico, 2005; I look the afternoon (Miro la Tarde) La Rana publishing house, Guanajuato Culture State Institute, 2006; The Sob (El Sollozo) Tintanueva publishing house, Mexico, 2006; Water fingers (Dedos de Agua) Tintanueva publishing house, Mexico, 2006; The Dark side of the Mirror (El lado oscuro del espejo) La Bohemia publishing house, Argentina, 2007; The learning of the air (Del aprendizaje al aire) Fivestar publishing house, Brazil, 2009 as translator along with Tanussi Cardoso and Leo Lobos; Tree Hope (Arbol de la esperanza) miCielo publishing house, Mexico, 2011, 1st Edition / Catarsis Literaria El Drenaje, Mexico, 2011, 2nd Edition / Antaura publishing house, Spain, 2013, 3rd Edition / ebook; Waiting room (Sala de Esperas) Eterno Femenino publishing house, Mexico, 2012; From the Legend (De Leyenda) Rojo Siena publishing house, Mexico, 2013; Rumor clay in Poetic Textures (Rumor de arcilla en Texturas poéticas) Artepoética Press, New York, 2014;  69 Haikus Alfalfa, Madrid, 2014 [bilingual poetry spanish–arabic] and Under shade of oak (Bajo la sombra del encino) JUS publishing house, Mexico, 2015.

Jury in the Tintanueva National Poetry Contest 2007, in the National Poetry Contest Floral Games of San Juan del Rio (Juegos Florales de San Juan del Rio) Querétaro 2007 and in the National Poetry Contest Floral Games of Del Carmen City (Juegos Florales de Ciudad del Carmen) Campeche 2015. Professor in the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) and in Cloister of Sor Juana University. Some parts of her work have been translated to romanian, portuguese, italian, catalonian, english and arabic. She was part of the First Spanish-Arabic Poetry Reading in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2015, representing Mexico. She was honoured in may 2015 by the Del Carmen Autonomous University in Campeche (Mexico) during that city’s National Book Fair.

“My poetry is born of the reality that surrounds me and dreams about that reality. I worry about people and nature living in harmony. Night and silence are my best friends to write. I love music, cinema, sea, figs, trees, mountains and snails because they are small beings that show us the tenacity and patience.I love the red color of the blood flowing in the veins of the intense life.”