Eloquence of Tranquility

by. Zainab Mohammed Hossain

Born in humanity pure of sin;

Yet not sentient where we begin,

Abandon a trail behind with growth,

Either of good or unworthy loath.

As days of perils are unknown

Impropriety of minds are shown

Callous we have become,

Kindness operates only numb,

Generosity was echoed long ago,

Pleasantry is wrought woe,

Fallacies ascend a ton

Battles worked and won

Obstinacy we retain in our conviction and oath,

Then deceive and obscure them both

Howls of curses and swears,

Pursuing us everywhere,

Hauling our legs and threatening,

Then encounter the assassinating.

This is the existing space,

Corruption escalating due high pace,

Why are not we disgraced?

Of crisis and death pained?

When clashes occur

Sight takes way to blur

We linger not toleration,

To expressions of detestation,

Forgiveness is forgotten

Conduct is rotten

How can we be taught to bear?

The agony we induce and not care

Oh humans of today,

Why evolve life in gray

Pray, who will answer?

To the wails of hunger?

Endorse your anger within

Not fill an ear with gossip din.

Acquiesce to your frailty,

Not intimidate fragility

Shun all your blasphemy,

Implement better sagacity,

Perish the foul in the air,

Commit to love, affection and care,

Address only to cast a smile,

Leave that of which turns you vile,

Cease your march to abhorrence

Escort way to dulcet coherence,

So let us enjoin in righteousness

And forbid every lewdness

Fit ourselves into harmony,

And halt chasing before money.

It is then when we realize,

How actually do we moralize,

Relieving our hearts of grease,

And finally breathing out peace.