by. Waahiba Nadeem Siddiqui (Indian International School)

I tried and I won,

But there was still more to be done.

To make the world a better place,

To eliminate hatred among religions and race.

To make them feel wanted again,

To give them both-a sister and a friend.

Being hopeful is useless nowadays,

Cause no one listens to our humble ways.

We try and try but it's all in vain,

As we still can't rid the world of pain.

In the distance we see people wail and perish,

Is this the result of all our merits?

We want tranquility, we want love We want our symbol to be the dove.

To see the world as it was eons ago,

To get rid of corruption and have the world glow.

We wanted to replace darkness with light,

But trying with all our might.

Wasn't enough to turn evil to good, Still

it was all we could.

They say the past is the past and we'll all forget,

But where will it go-all our regret?

Remember the past is gone now and we're in the present,

But why are most of still treated like peasants?

Being a woman or a girl child,

What in this is a horrendous crime?

People are killed for taking a stand,

Against all the things that ruin our land.

We aim for the best but just don't realize,

That the real problems is right in front of our eyes.

We accomplished all of the greatest of feats,

Travelled to the ends of the earth and explored all the seas.

Still we have so much to achieve,

To get everyone on the same page that's what I believe.

So many imperfections we all have and that's a fact,

Still we distinguish between two mere colours-white and black.

It's hilarious to think that all this matters in today's day and age, Our gender, the colour of our skin and the amount that we wage. Truth is, it only matters as much as society likes,

But still is more important than what lies inside.

We all want attention and want to be heard,

For a voice that's as melodious as a bird's-

But we don't know, what we do and what we say,

Will be the most appealing thing on earth if it's done the right way.

So my fellow people take my into mind,

For who knows-one day you could be the savior of mankind.