Will I Live To See Another Sunrise?

by. Ummulkiram Asif Khambati (Grade 12, Dubai Gems Private School)

I sensed him arriving from far away

I knew today was going to be my last day. 

The sun's rays were warm and bright

But around me I saw a remorseful sight.

My dear friends mercilessly chopped down,

Their bodies taken away, with a thick rope bound.

I glanced one last time at the skies

Because I wouldn't live to see another sunrise.

He walked towards me-face pitiless and grim

Must he have known, he was committing a sin?

He carried an axe, his grip was firm and tight

Its sharp and glistening blade was a petrifying sight.

He struck me once; I shuddered in pain

I winced in agony, when he struck me again.

I passed out due to the pain, with no hope to survive

Didn’t I, a verdant tree, deserve to stay alive?

They came in swarms, shouted slogans, hugged and saved me,

Obliged to them, I will remain for eternity.

The next day was a new morning; I stood forlorn and alone 

With axe wounds on my body and all my friends gone.