by. Souzan Emad Abdelfattah: American International School

~Hey there everyone, welcome to the crowd,

I came here to talk about the famous drought.

~The drought of humanity towards this world,

We're all in one circle, which is already swirled.

~Why are we all cruel? Why don’t we care?

Well we should, because we can't really bare.

~We can't bare all that would happen,

That’s why I'm here, making it all flatten.

~I'm not saying I'm perfect as I do mistakes too,

We're all humans but this isn’t what I drew.

~There's a really big difference between right and wrong,

And that’s why I'm sorry; I have to make this long.

~And I'm not here to just say some words,

Because we can all save some homeless birds.

~It's not only us, who live on this planet,

There are tons of creatures that also inhabit.

~We are supposed to care about Mother Earth,

But we never really did, even before your birth.

~I'm here to talk about how important this topic really is,

But don’t worry I'm not going to give you any quiz.

~The actual quiz is in our real life,

So please listen to me and don’t take the knife.

~Don’t take the knife to cut the woods and the beautiful trees,

Because one day, you might die due to freeze.

~You're probably bored because I made this long,

And after I'm done, you would go play Ping-Pong.

~Live your life with care and love,

Yes take care and make the Environment above.

~I didn’t use hard words so you all understand,

I hope you really did so you won't destroy the land.

~Now promise me you won't ruin any beautiful view,

Because if you did, you actually killed the Environment that grew.