Friendship (by Sophia)

by. Sophia Gabrille Tuason (The Philippines School)

I lay my hands on Atlas

My fingers brushing through distant lands

Far out of my wallet’s reach

Searching for nothing but a postcard promise

I spin the globe

And drift into nostalgia

Like a rocket

Blasting off into outer space

Travelling on tails of comets

To witness the world scattered before me

You showed me the entire universe in a matter of days 

I used to wake up with stars on my lips

And a smile that drips constellations

But now

I am a speck of dust in space 

An asteroid lay waste

 Point you and point me are galaxies apart 

Though our hearts never part 

I look for you in everyone I meet 

Like a satellite orbiting 

Observing the infinity 

Looking for pieces of our jigsaw parts 

That only used to fit each other 

They say your best friend is your other half 

But you remind me I am already whole 

And I knew that as long as we were together, we’d be just fine.