A True Friend, A Priceless Treasure!

by. Soham Joshi

A punch to my gut and a thrash to my will,

My heart sank back in to its cavern making me ill.

A deafening uproar hijacked my ear as my head spun in all the spheres

Had my life come to an end?

The power of this word was unknown to me until it lashed out at me.

My world spun in front of my eye. Was it the first step to my demise?

Isolating myself, I wept until I had, not a single tear to shed.

Thoughts bolted through my mind as adverse images flashed across my eyes;

Of losing my friends, fear of seclusion and the abysmal chemotherapy sessions.

Alas! I had cancer.

After days of conflict, I made the grueling revelation to everyone around me,

My so called friends fled and scattered like ants under attack,

My world crumbled around me, a gruesome onslaught!

Are these the true faces of people?

But there was one true friend who stood by through this treacherous journey.

Day in and day out, she would accompany me to the doctor’s appointments

Ready to share my pain, calming me after the severe disillusionments

Fortunately, I had a trustworthy friend.

After a roller coaster of emotions and a whirlwind of obstacles,

I had managed to survive the ‘cancer’.

Nonetheless, traversing this rocky road was no easy feat

But your presence made a difference.