Woman - Her fight

by. Sharon Santhosh; Grade 11, The Millennium School, Dubai.

Sounds of pain filled the air,

Sounds of cries and despair,

She lay there, helpless,

Unable to move or even whisper.

Her throat was dry and parched,

And her body in bruises as they over her marched,

Bloodied, scratched, violated,

That’s how she was and felt,

No one was there for her rescue,

They showed no mercy.

Even though she beseeched and pleaded,

Her words went unheeded.

She fought and fought until she could take it no more,

Allowed them to trample upon her likea dead rose,

And then left her, struggling for her life,

For she surely thought that it was her last breath,

So she prayed like never before.

As she blacked out into darkness,

She felt at peace,

Everything was calm and so serene,

Her mind was at tranquil,

She never felt like this before.

Suddenly her body arched with pain,

She felt as if someone was pulling her heart,

She screamed but she couldn’t hear her voice,

And while she screamed her eyes snapped open,

Her body felt numb and she saw someone with a mask,

She heard the beeping of monitors while she screamed again,

She heard the masked man assuring and comforting her telling that everything will be alright,

As she fell into a deep slumber……….

She woke up and saw her mother crying at her feet,

Praying with her whole heart,

She had never seen her mother so broken, so shattered,

Her stirring movement caught her mother off guard,

While she quickly wiped her tears, she went near her daughter,

Asking her for forgiveness,

And all the girl replied was,

‘I will not stop fighting’

Even in this state of helplessness,

Her tongue was sharp as a two-edged sword.

Two weeks she bravely fought though she was sore,

Till her body and mind could take no more,

She fell into eternal slumber

After sharing her story to the world,

Her legacy will be continued

Till justice is brought to the throne

And till then she will be there

To remind us………

Don’t stop fighting till you can take it no more.