A Friendship I’ll Never Forget

by. Shaheera Noor (Dubai Gem Private School)

We first met on a rainy day in second grade;

I had done badly on a Math test and was holding back tears.

Aged 7, you offered me your chocolate bar when you realized I was upset,

And with that started a friendship I would never forget.

You were loud, you got excited easily, and you talked a lot.

I was quiet, I was shy and I was everything you were not.

All the teachers wondered how we were even friends, our parents too,

But you told me we were destined to be friends and without any hesitation, I believed you.

We sailed with pirates and battled on stormy seas, 

We held tea parties and even ate chocolate cake with the Queen.

Aged 10, you told me I was the best friend you had ever made and I told you the same.

Then we set out hand-in-hand on another adventure, filled with plenty of fun and games.

It was always you and I against the world; we were like one soul in two bodies.

We always had each other’s backs; we were always partners in crime.

You told me all your secrets, and I told you all of mine,

And I knew that as long as we were together, we’d be just fine.

It wasn’t long before we were standing in front of the gates leading to middle school.

I was honestly terrified, but your hand wrapped around mine gave me comfort.

Aged 13, you became popular in our new school and made many friends,

And I convinced you that I was okay spending a few lunch breaks alone.

We used to talk about anything and everything; laugh at the lamest of jokes.

We were inseparable and my mother always said we were practically joined at the hip.

But of course, all good things slowly come to an end,

And soon the friendship that meant the world to me began to slip.

I learnt that change was inevitable, and promises were meant to be broken.

I also learnt that nothing was meant to last forever.

Aged 16, we drifted apart, and one soul became two.

I lost the most important person in my life that I was so desperately trying to hold on to; I lost you.

We still go to the same school, we still share a few classes;

Though you never talk to me, never smile at me, never look at me.

We no longer sail with pirates or have chocolate cake with the Queen,

But yours and mine is still a friendship I’ll never forget.