My Faded Sparkle

by. Sahla Muhammed Rafi (Manipal University)

The flame danced much too bright

And I was burned by the light

A soft little blow and it fades away

And my dreams disappear with the smoky twirl…

Been hurt a little too long, crying it out all alone

Put my heart on the line, never gave it a thought

Not until I had nothing but slivers of tears and pain

Did I realize that from sacrifice to the unworthy, I had nothing to gain

On my shattered heart, I put a seal

Never to trust or to dream, was the deal

Drowned in the web of lies from those around

From my land of wishes, I took the steps down

Faking my smile and masking my life

I went on through the rest of my years

Until the day you walked into my life

And swore upon your heart, you’ll turn it all around

You stalked my shadow, day and night

And I warned you not once but twice

Stay away, I ain’t that nice

Take a step back or you’ll pay the price

But you stayed by my side and got me through

Life wasn’t pretty but your smile made it so

I begin to dream again and smile a little

Cross my fingers and hope for the best…

Never did know myself all that well

And my heart churned for an answer, who am I

Every day I looked into the mirror

Staring in vain at the familiar stranger

You offered me your hand and in turn, your friendship

Gave me a shoulder to cry on, showered your love

And I smile at you with such gratitude, for you lit my candle

And gave my heart the peace it never could handle…