My Description of Peace

by. Saheli Usheeja G. (St. Mary’s Catholic High School, Dubai)

Icicles nailed within my heart,

Hopelessly I wait on my wheelchair;

My eyes; a gloomy sky,

So predictable it’s going to rain

Its Peace I require, Its Life I fight for

Without God my soul is dead;

My spirit flows low

Life cannot be spent; maudlin

I thought despair was worth a try

Inexorable pain; from within

Interminably, showers from inside;

Misconstrued; lavish

Circumstances; what a coincidence

…Its abrupt; all begin to change!

And then one day, I’ve crossed the river;

Like a dove; I’m now free

Put a stop to the quiver;

Restart life, but with help; Pardee

Oh! Is that joy I hear?

Cherishable memories will once again greet!

I’ve found Hope, I’ve found Peace;

My life no more an endless song;

It’s now time for sadness to cease

A nature infused with limitless inspirations,

When the thoughts I think translate into prayer,

Wonderful miracles yet not discovered;

Destinations… Do I dare?

Relief… The victory is mine!

The good succeed

The bad perish

Let peace and hope proceed

Out there; is an entirely different description?

An exquisite piece of advice;

Let it all be temptations, and BELIEVE!