My Best Friend

by. Rishi Gireesh (JSS Private School)

I was sitting here thinking

Of the words I want to say,

But they just wouldn't come out right

So I found a different way

I got a piece of paper

And I wrote this poem for you,

But there's no way to Thank You

For everything you do

For always being nice to me

And staying by my side,

For helping fix my problems

And never leaving me behind

For accepting my thoughts and feelings

Though you may not understand,

For never giving up on me

And being my best friend

For making me laugh

And letting me cry

And saying you'd miss me,

If I were to die

Everything, is what you mean to me

You could never know,

In all the ways you've changed my life

I could never show

The way you take care of me

You're my shining star

And though its so incredible

That's just the way you are

Before I get too mushy

Its time for me to go

But before I leave this ink filled page

There's one thing you should know

As long as we are living

No matter, when or where

If you ever need me

Just call and I'll be there

I'll climb a thousand mountains

And swim a thousand seas

In fact do anything, just to be there

Cause you've been there for me.