The Cartwheel of Life

by. Rebecca Mary John (Indian High School)

When born, a man, as an infant

Stands waiting, stands prepared

For the cartwheel of life to begin

The odyssey for which he is destined

Soon, he grows into the restive school-boy

Trembling with fear, quavering in anticipation

Waiting to begin the journey

He makes the first hesitant steps

He shoots into the sprightly young man

Eagerly waiting to commence his chronicle

The ultimate plunge is finally taken

As he opens the door to the adult sphere

Presently, he achieves success, completes his voyage

The proud, competent and mature man

Arrives at the highest point of his life, his cartwheel

He beams with satisfaction, shines with joy

And readies himself for the final descent

Though weathered by life, the wise old man

Is content in that he has fulfilled his calling

Begins the journey down the cartwheel

Into the deep yet calm tunnels of age

And at the end of it all, he stands complacent

Ready to leave his people and the world

Fu; of bliss, he enters the paradise

Gracefully, the cartwheel comes to a standstill

ورقة مثنية


أبصرْ.. فأنتَ أعمى..
عينُك ترى ولا تبصر
أنصِتْ.. فأنتَ أطرَشُ..
أذنُك تسمَعُ ولا تُنْصت
تكلّم.. فأنتَ أخرسُ..
فمُك يتَحرّكُ ولا ينطق
يقولون: حريات، ثوراتٌ ..انقلابات
يعظّمون سيّئاتٍ.. يُمَجِّدون طيّاراتٍ.. ودبّاباتْ
صندوقٌ أسودُ وشاشةٌ فارِغةْ
عقلٌ صامِتٌ وروحٌ ضائعة
استيقظْ من غفْلتِك
طاَل نومُك... أكْثَرَ من حاجتِك
ضرسي مثلُ ضرِسك
ربّي هو ربُّك
أنزْل قلمَكَ واثْنِ تلكَ الورقَةَ
الورقة.. التي

عَدَدَتْ فيها الأغرابَ و"الأعداء"

سترى في طرفِ الزاويةِ
أنّ حقيقة ما فعلتَ

هو .. وهمٌ  .. هو  "داء"
أغمِضْ عينيك وافتحْ ذهْنَك
فقد حانَ وقتُ القيامْ