Our Seed

by. Raphaela Mae Cayabyab (Pristine Private School)

We started off as two separate drops of water

Separated in the huge world without a bother

Two individuals, nothing but strangers

Thinking the other one doesn't even matter

Suddenly, we are swallowed into this force field

This seed that we someday may nurture

We talked and talked, slowly becoming unconcealed

With no idea what might happen after

A sprout poked its head out from the ground

Neither of us knowing what it's bound

Overtime, it gradually abound

Our friendship felt special, it was spellbound

We reached the point where our friendship became evident

The 'best friend' stage , as some may say.

Where being without the other seemed irrelevant

Everyday seemed like a spring-fresh day of May

The sprout turned to proper plant

A fine, lengthy stem

We now knew each other by heart

So well, like a mother and her infant

The plant grew more, not by size

But rather by the length of its branches

We started drawing a bigger circle,each

making connections and tying ties

Soon, branches started growing out of this plant

Multiplying as the day goes by

Rapidly, these circles grew

But never once did they touch

We were drifting further away

Waves pushing our ships apart

The plant of ours extending its hands sideways

The plant that we soon might depart

I look back, at the plant we sowed,

Now with drooping leaves, paling and browning

I feel like it's me. I'm missing something I owe.

But no, it's also us that needs fixing

I miss that special thing we used to have

Hanging out together, enjoying time

But, someday, we will do that once more

Blooming a flower that we should have once headed for.