Sara at the Red Sea

by. Prof. Francesca Corrao

Sara's father was a fisherman, and used to wake up early in the morning to go to work. In the summer time he leaves her daughter at his friends house by the Red sea; she loved to spend some time dreaming by the seashore.

One day she was playing alone when a carried ge came out from the waves. 

The boatman, a smiling seahorse, invited her for a ride in the kingdom of the sea

Sara consented and immediately they turned away from the beach: diving into the foam marked the abrupt transition from the world of air to the under water.

The clock ticked another time and sounds were muffled every sound seemed a sweet melody and to each beat followed a succession of echoes. The light was shattered into a thousand reflections

in such surreal atmosphere Sara saw around her endless stretches of seaweed swaying at the magic rythm of a gold scales heart 

Soon she made her way in a blue night. From a distance, stood out a gleam of stars. Hundreds of eyes darting in were driven toward the light. 

There was no moon but a crack of silver light, filtered by a dark rock,impenetrable. 

She saw a treasure

Sara approached the crack and saw the dazzling white broken down into many colors. Shells never seen opened to show gemstones.

At Sara's eyes were stones more beautiful than those she new

Suddenly from the depths of that light appeared an old man. A huge man with a long silver beard. Sweet eyes framed by ivory curls and white skin as the full moon

his face shone a reassuring smile. The old man was silent, but with a wave of his hand he invited her to join him

Sara came down from the chariot and a chorus of pearl opened to welcome her. 

When she turned to look for the old man he was gone

a never ending cloud was dragging behind a dark shadow.It seemed it was going to defeat the light

Sara was terrified, she felt a slight touch, as if a black octopus was going to launch a fatal embrace

The dark cloud dissolved and the old man reappeared and asked: Can fear last forever? Sara looked down, she was puzzled

Don’t be afraid- said the old man- the answer is not in my wisdom, I am the mirror of your inner world. If you search it the fear fades away. True happiness is in your heart

At these words the old man and the beautiful images faded away. the coach reappeared and took Sara back to the shore where the last sunny hours of the day down on the sand