by. Nishat Soomar (Gems Our Own English High School)

In a world filled with darkness,

I was given nothing but sadness.

After everyone had disappeared,

Suddenly, a young man appeared.

I saw him collecting some bricks,

Thinking whether this could be the resolution to my conflicts.

Day and Night he worked tirelessly,

Determined and smiling very fervently.

To my surprise what did I see?

Was it a colorful mosaic, a valley of love or the joyful hive of the bee?

It was none other than my true identity,

Which I had discovered in that serenity.

Each brick was a symbol of love and hope,

I had turned out to be like the colors of a kaleidoscope.

Today, I had built a bridge,

Which had guided me to the true abode of knowledge.

I had discovered the purpose of my existence,

And unveiled the importance of co-existence.