Inner Peace

by. Navya Murali

When my life was a shattered piece of paper,

He answered my prayers,

He sent an angel in disguise as a friend .

She could neither change my past with all its

Heartaches or pains ...nor

My future with its untold stories .

But she was a shoulder for me to cry on,

An ear to whisper my secrets ,

And a mother who caressed me ,

And had a heart which could understand.

We were two souls deeply connected  

Thoughts not spoken,

There was no need 

For we each knew what each other was thinking, 

Even before we could speak .

Together we shared a lot of innumerable sweet memories,

That now remains only in time.

Fading in and out constantly,

No more she lives here in this world ,

Yet again I am shattered ,

For I know no one could replace her ,

Even though I know the distance between me and her is only a heartbeat away

She will dwell in my heart forever,

And we shall stay happy in those memories we made.