In Search of Peace

by. Ms. Silvana Salmanpour

I am but a woman

from the interior territories

I am your sister, like all Eve's daughters

I am your mother, O! Adam's son

 I want

nothing , nothing , nothing

but only a vase

Filled with human dignity

to plant the seed of LOVE

in the depth of affection,

and nurture it

with the essence of my being

Nurture it and see

The day when hundreds of buds of love 


Searching for peace!

The day in which hundreds of

infatuations blossom

and send to the world 

waves of light

waves of passion

on the boat of liberation

The day in which each flower

in the thirst of other flowers

illuminate the universe

with innumerable words

I want

nothing , nothing , nothing

but only a bit of freedom

Where is my vase ?