by. Ms. Shaikha Al-Mutairi

My shadow will drain his darkness

Will run away to drink the sun 

 Tow glasses of flame and waiting  

 Oh! Shadow 

The day bothered my life

 Give me the rest

 I’m so tired from walking alone 

 You are my (alone) 

 My oneness that never sleep 

Sing of patroness grow around me 

Nothing for me just some songs 

Maw and beginning of sad poetry

Little of longing I wrote a lot

And said: Enough

Here, a pigeon ladled in poems

 Here, a cloud rained all my Longing

 Enough, I said where is the peace?

I Inherited poem

From um Amro

I wear the gown of Laila  

Suada, Hind 

and Maryam 

Don’t I have the right? 

To speak after 

All this warm longing 

My shadow branches

From palms and sea  

Sea doesn’t have a sheltered shadow,

Just its gravel  

His beaches drained their sands 

From sands words 

From wail of ports  

I count shadows  

Give them step of walking behind me 

With me 

Wherever I was I don’t have now

Just shadows 

Oh shadow, you are with me now 

From the birth of sun’s poem 

From the birth of an old Neighborhood

Fond home… school bus 

With me you are since the Emancipation the morning 

From the night, and Classrooms


Waiting for my father

When I lost

His shadow 

Oh my friend, 

With me you are 

Oh my friend, with me you are 

Come with my lonely and yours

To visit valley of poetry (Abqur)  

Come with me  

Don’t you tiered from shadows

Our feet’s brow toiled us  

Bored from my feet

Bored from yours 


In the valley of poetry


I will be someone else 

You will be someone else

Will know each other again understand each other again 

Wake up, oh friend 

Be thousands of ray

Be a creator

Which never be like shadow  

Wake up, oh friend 

Enough of wait 

I will be with no shadow 

You will be without my wait.