The Path of Tenderness

by. Ms. Salma (Rajathi Samsudeen)

Craving all my tenderness,

the lone Portia tree

is waiting to grab it.

Thrusting its wistful

face that strains and brims

through the window bars, 

in despair that I might

go elsewhere to seek

the fruit and flowers

it no longer holds,

 it will display

the coolness piled high

by its green foliage

and the blanket of darkness

woven by its shade

(though strewn  with fine holes).

The garden lizard roams

all over the tree’s body, while

rolling its pearly eyes on me.

The wasps and the lizard

fall asleep on the tree.

Holding twigs in their

beaks, some birds

hover above, looking

for a home.

 In spite of so much,

despondent at having failed

to define the direction

of my tenderness, it broods

and broods, singeing

  -Rajathi Samsudeen