by. Dr. Thuraya al Arrayed


I said to the Sea, as the tide embraced my steps:

“Oh Sea, Where are the borders of Home?

It is almost night

Hope is dwindling

And childhood is eroded by suffering !”

The waves whispered :

“In the heart is the beginning of being

And the secret of eternity

Its throbs are never ending ..”

I said to the Wind, as the winds pried at my loneliness:

“.. Collect me

That I may assemble all my pieces,

And take me to a distant horizon

Where you blow and know.

Then tell me: What direction is “Home” ?

The wind howled:

“Listen and you shall hear

The sounds of celebrating song

The heart knows how to yearn and long ..”

I said to the Night,

 As darkness tugged my heart strings out:

“ This odyssey is far too long

I am all worn out

Yearning tearing my ship sails out

Oh Morning Star,

 Your twinkle is my  guiding light

Please reassure me

When is the dawn of “Home” ?

The Morning star whispered:

“I promise  its coming

In the gleam of love

The throb of the heart

In the hankering for that intimacy

When the body and soul are stirred by life

To feel its moment of close ecstasy”

I said to the Morning as it dawned:

Shining ecstatically in my skies

And I witnessed the yearning of the soil

And the  pouring of the heavens  above:

“This Land I know

I recognize

Sprouting in my veins and eyes

A song .. a call

We must have reached our destination

What shall we call this fine location?

The  whisper of the  Dawn decreed:

“ The Land of  “”Home”” for ever, and ever

Where you will always

Horizon beyond the siege of time

 Eternal spring”

The Sea ,The wind and Night agreed

And my heart ?

Continued  to sing .. and sing

For him..  for  “Home”

Thuraya al Arrayed ( al Urayyid)

ماذا نسمي الوطن

قلت للبحر و الموج يحنو على خطواتي:

"يا بحر أين حدود الوطن؟

كاد يغفي المساء

يغيض الرجاء

و ننسى طفولتنا في المحن"

همس الموج:

"في القلب بدء الوجود

و سر الخلود

لا ينتهي خفقه أبدا"

قلت للريح و الريح تذرو بقايا شتاتي

" جمّعيني

لعلي ألملم ذاتي

و خذيني

لأفقٍ بعيدِ .. بعيد

حيث تهبّين يا ريح

ثم اخبريني

كيف اتجاه الوطن؟"

فدمدمت الريح:

" أصغي له و أصيخي

تسمعين الأهازيج

و القلب يعرف كيف يحن.."

قلت و الليل يشهق في خلجاتي

" سفري طال

و الحال حال

و الشوق أرهق أشرعتي و السفن

يا نجمة الفجر ومضك خيط حياتي


أنّى شروق الوطن؟ "

همست نجمة الفجر واعدةً :

" هو آت

في ومضة الحبِ

في نبضة القلبِ

في لهفة القربِ

حين تهزّ الحياة البدن.."

قلت للفجر حين أضاء

و أورق بين الضلوع انتشاء

و أبصرت توق الثرى

و انهمار  السماء:

" هذه الأرضُ أعرفها

تتبرعم بين الشرايين

أغنيةً  .. و نداء

ها نحن حتماً وصلنا


فماذا نسمي الوطن؟"

همس الفجر:

" أرض البقاء

أفق الحياة يظل بنا

في حصار الزمن"

هجع البحر  و الريح و الليل  في نبضاتي

و القلب؟

ظل يغنّي .. يغنّي ..


له ..


  د. ثريا العريض


by. Ms. Salma (Rajathi Samsudeen)

Though I’ve travelled far

from my home’s smoky yard

to wander across

this stone temple’s compound

in an ancient city,

these stone figurines would not

Spring to life in me.

Wistful faces

of the children I’ve left behind

turn silently

in my memory.

Like the wind rasping constantly

on the sea’s surface,

my home, laden with

the weight of my absences,

abrades my heart.

My home’s empty spaces

banish me, indirectly,

from this land;

and I return, resolving

never to step beyond

the limits decreed,

to the courtyard of my own house.

(Translated by N Kalyan Raman from the original, Veedu from the collection,