A Simple Prayer

by. Ms. Salma (Rajathi Samsudeen)

House sparrows thriving among the rafters

beneath the tiles have vanished

from concrete dwellings.

Butterflies that brushed the hair on garden

flowers and made them pregnant have fled

to unknown lands.

Rising from the secret depths of the ocean,

waves have migrated angrily into the city.

Rain still pours down on the dawn

engulfed by mist

Airless trees huddle inside the toy-sized pots

on the balcony

Fish that swim inside glass tanks and birds

that fall in love inside cages are waiting

along with my prayer.

Amidst the light sprinkled by the universe

of a late evening to return to their stations,

their lands, their waters.

Translated from the Tamil poem, Oru Eliya Prarthanai by Salma

  -Rajathi Samsudeen