Edge of Hope

by. Mrs. Cheryl Braganza

It came without knocking.  No alarm bells sounded.

Silently, so silently it entered, like a thief in the dark

Dragging me into jagged cavernous corners of despair.

I gifted my body to the surgeons, wrapped in a blue ribbon

To do as they pleased.  Adorned in scrappy gowns, rainbow tubes,

Hole in my chest, black patches and tremors, I lay crumpled.

Thoughts of mother and father, long departed, rushed in

Filling me with long-lost memories of happy times around the fire

Playing Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, drinking mulligatawny soup.

Friends who span continents and time,  locked in my heart,

Blew comfort, solace, hope,  with letters and cards that arrived

In the mail.  Simple words that empowered, brought gentleness, love.

Yet as my blood fermented and ravaged, I yearned for moments of stillness.

Stillness at the water’s edge,  blurred on a misty lake, forgetting

The present, envisioning a future with no pain, no punctures.

The years have skipped, bounded, galloped.  I am here, breathing in warmth

Exhaling light, with thoughts of mortality closer to the stars.

In the brilliant changing landscape, the caterpillar turns, hesitates, falls,

And suddenly I,  the blue spirit butterfly,  emerges radiant, triumphant,

Poised for take-off.