Caring, Daring

by. Mrs. Cheryl Braganza

I see you in their eyes,

In the petals that fall in the autumn breeze,

In the wolf that howls at the prairie moon,

In the sun that lingers in the empty sky.

I see you in the wildflowers of the Rockies, 

Scrambling up the apple trees, rolling down the hills,

Calling the robin to hurry to its nest

Before darkness gulps its wings.


I see you when the earth moves and concrete kills,

When the screams of your children thunder through the cracks

And you cling to the rocks  your home, for comfort,

Hearing no voices to echo your pain.

I see you in the tar balls bouncing off the waves

Forgotten remnants deep on the ocean floor,

In the black pelicans, black daisies, black dolphins

Scattered aimlessly on pristine sand. 

And, as the rains slash down on the land and bury our people

In graveyards of blood and silt,  I see you, I see you there

Stretching your mangled, dripping arms to the rainbow, 

Knowing that you will not drown.  No, you must not drown. 

I see you chocolate brown against the whiteness of the dove,

As it scratches your skin and pecks at your cheeks,

Squawking for a world with no hate,

No wars, no boundaries, no sadness, no struggle.

And when the end of the day comes and stars flood the night,

I see you there too,

Shimmering, nurturing, defending,

Celebrating, daring, caring, sharing 

My sister, my brother,  my neighbor,  my friend.