Therefore I Did Not Go Insane

by. Mr. K.G.Sankara Pillai

If I speak out

I will become the accused,

If I forget

I will turn into a wasteland.

If I neither speak out

nor forget I will turn insane.

Therefore, I buried

certain intimacies on the margins

of my speech, some of my sorrow

on the peripheries of my eyes

some truth in the vicinity of my smile.

I kept them guard under the canopy

of my watchful eyes,

keen to know how they grow.

I buried some of my rage

in the colossal beaks of Jatayu,

in the colours and lines of Goya.

In the arrow tip of ‘Inquilab,’

in signatures, with the infantry

battalionof signatories.

Therefore I did not turn

insane, my forehead did not sprout

horns, nor did my fears take to

fraud or betrayal. Nor did my mistakes

wander on the borders of blood.

(“AtukonduJnanBrandhanayilla, 2012)