by. Mr. K.G.Sankara Pillai

History stuffs and converts 

great isms into great jokes;

marathon debates, 

struggles for independence,

adventures of love,

arguments and laments, into great jokes,

suitable for any occasion,

local or global.

Fear and cry are short lived,

joke is eternal.

everything humane keeps within,

a seed of a joke

a time bomb of laughter.

Don’t they say,

to become history is to become a joke,

or to be a joke is to be archaic.

Old age, disease, death, globalization,

malls, multiplexes, metros, mobile phones,

internet, or a new satellite

will change the story of our life

into a cartoon network tomorrow;

It will download our tensions, worries,

and inventions into a joke tomorrow.

We have to be able to laugh then,

don’t we?

We have to tell T.S. Eliot

that this laughing spirit is the third

who walks always beside us.

and this joke is

what the river sweats.