In Any House

by. Mr. K.G.Sankara Pillai

There is a rainbow of love

In the rusted handle of the plastic bucket.

Though Nandan  or Meera doesn't see it,

Neither do they search for it.

How many days after marriage

The lovers begin to forget love?

to remember the period of love

like a lost childhood.?

How many of them would

Burn in the agony of their derailed love

and plant a new line?

How many would decide to separate

without hitches and screams?

How many would decide

to continue their love song?

Each day,

In each house

There is a youthfulness that ages,

An antiqueness to be rejuvenated,

The emptiness of a vessel to be filled,

A lamp to be woken up,

A coldness to be warmed up,

A shabbiness to be cleansed,

A lie to be worn,

A hand-cuff to be hidden

A fire to be extinguished.

Inside a mind made of houses

Some heavy doors always remain closed,

Some forgotten keys jingle.

There is the soul of the rainbow of love hiding

In the sanyaasi - drop on a lotus leaf,

In the water gushing through a shower,

In the pacifying light streak on the river ripples,

A fairy of love

With new songs and life for 

All that has been forgotten.

Though in the everyday hurry - worry of 

Washing and cooking and cleaning,

And in hundreds of other trivialities

Meera or Nandan

Never knows or sees it.