Close By

by. Mr. K.G.Sankara Pillai

Neena, channel  reporter quipped:

Mr. Nazar,

which is your bigger success

the Delhi blast,

the Mumbai one, or this?

The one here burnt to ashes

a  language we can no more  speak,

broke  to pieces the meanings within  memory,

the cool shade within the meanings,

the dream within the faith,

the song within the dream…

They were enough

for the poor to survive…

Shreds of screams

lay entangled  in the  camera and the cable.

It was impossible to know whether

In their screams they said

“You do not know what you are doing”,

whether  they prayed the Lord

To  forgive  you.

Verbs tired of carrying the masculine gender

stood on the streets of screams

awaiting  their  turn.

People fast  forgot

the voice of the slain.

The language of the slayer

grew  clearer and louder.

In the voices from within

The rolling of the dice

The abusive laughter of the denuder…

Some tails

grope on the highway

uncertain whom to follow to heaven

smelling  Dharma.

Tell us,  Nazar,

was this the success

you aimed at?

Nazar did not speak.

Just spat out a mouthful of blood

and  showed his mouth:

No tongue.

It had been chopped off.

The blood of language

filled the mouth,

the furnace ready to burn down

all the fourteen worlds.

(Translated from Malayalam  ‘Aduth’  By K. Satchidanandan)