Daughters Bridal Farewell

by. Mr. Kailash Chander Mathur (Kailash Mahir)


Called you Gudia, Guddan and Asha,

What is there in a name?

Whichever way, may we address you,

Your birth brought fortune to our home

Today we bid you… Farewell Solace of the Soul

Bid you--- Soul of love--- Bid you.

The Birds will Twitter

At the break of dawn

With breaks full of corn

But your eyes, your lashes,

Who will open hereafter

These glasses (spectacles) of mine

Who will snatch (pull) thereafter

We Bid you, Our love, Our Soul

With whom “Puchan” will quarrel

To whom “Baboo” will grumble

Leaving T.V shows behind

Who will, open the doors?

For Dad, late at night

Now with whom her woes

Will Mom share?

Halwa at “Shab-E-Baraat”

For whom will “Nani” prepare

And your “Mama” with whom

Will go to the market now.

One and all, with great love

Bid you--- Go my dear---- Solace of Soul

Go with your beau

There with open arms

“Mount Kailash” awaits you,

Every step you take

Will “Lord Bholenath” protect you

May “Peer Baba’s” Grace

Always be showered on you

May your home, be an abode

Of peace, love and happiness.

Farewell Dear Farewell

Beloved Daughter Though your part

Never from our hearts- will you ever depart.


Gudia: means doll- pet name of daughter Asha

Puchan-  Asha’s younger sister

Babboo-  Asha’s younger brother

Shab-E-Baraat- Muslim festival

Nani- maternal grandma

Mama- maternal uncle

Mount Kailash: abode of lord Shiva n Himalaya

Bholenath- Hindu God Lord Shiva

Peer Baba- Sufi saint Hasrat Nizamuddin Auliya