Traditional Custom

by. Mr. Chemmanam Chacko

The dead body of a dog was lying 

in a busy rood of the city for two days.

No action was taken by the corporation official 

to remove the corpse from there.

Many people passed by,

some covering their nose, others commenting 

over the plight of the metro city.


At last, the priest of the nearly church

 telephoned the concerned official and 

informed him the case.

Instead of taking positive action, 

the official with arrogance and authority 

ridiculed the priest saying:

"Rev. Father, it is your duty to bury the dead

with required rituals, as the death has 

happened within your parish.“

The priest retorted back:-

"Dear friend, there is some truth in

what you said.

But it is a traditional custom

to inform the near relatives

when a death happens.

That is why I telephoned you!......sorry “

The official stood stunned and humiliated !