The Roots

by. Mr. Chemmanam Chacko

Blows and cries ! children 

Batter each other to kill !

Damned ones ! won't give peace

While at the chores in the kitchen !

The son, playing pranks 

Annoy his little sister ;

And she, - needs no provocation -

Pounces upon and bites:

Snakes and mongoose always :

No, they should be given some whacks !

With a rod the mother reaches them

Who are in a wordy quarrel, showering 

blows !

She, at once gives the daughter the gift of

the rod ; 

Then she pulls the son's arm 

And lifts her hand, to strike him.

He, with an intense stern look says:

"In this house, could only Mummy and Daddy 

Bark at and bite each other? "

The mother did not beat him, her hand fell,

She stood as if stumbled over her thoughts !