Inner Party Fight

by. Mr. Chemmanam Chacko

Two swallows, Sloth and Dunce, 

Started an arguement 

Which grew fierce.

"It's dawn, It's dawn"

The Dunce cried out. 

"Not yet, not yet" 

the Sloth replied.

"It is dawn" the Dunce repeats, 

The Sloth in fury flies at him

Pecks at his face and stabs and kicks.

The Dunce - even he-grew wild 

Struck the other hard 

And dealt a terrible blow.

It grew fierce with blows exchanged, 

A battle royal

Never seen before

Countless birds did range the sky 

hovered above

to see the fight

The cheering audience 

Inflamed their spirit,

Violence grew and blood did flow.

Ir-reconcilable the birds 

Unrelenting they fought :

"It's dawn", "Not yet, not yet" they cried.

Crows and kites

Vultures and hawks 

Circled close

and plodded them on

The Dunce tears the rival's feathered trunk, 

The sloth does cut in twain the other's head.

For about an hour 

the fight went on. 

But alas ! for them ! 

They fell to the ground,

Dunce and the Sloth

Bleeding, exhausted, dead !

The spectators dispersed

They danced in joy,

They dived in delight

They soared in song which said :-

"It is dawn, it's dawn" the Dunce cried out ; 

"Not yet, not yet" the Sloth replied "

But - all the while – 

Oh, the irony of it ! 

The sun shown mightily 

from the mid-day sky !