Al Goffal: The Return from Pearling

by. Mr. Ali Khalil Al Sayegh

With a sorrowful melody a journey starts

After 3 months time it ends in joy

Thus happiness roams the island of seer

As my people feast under therising moon

We pray to Allah to ease our path

And return our loved ones to their home

We long for their sight and their embrace

While watching the waves from the golden coast

When the charter says in Allah’s path we go

For those who do never seem to fail

Raise the anchor, to our land we head

For this sea is dangerous,and our homes we yearn

A captain, a sailor and a set blessing

After Allah’s will comes only the chief’s

People are joyous from east and west

For our safe return they eagerly wait

The boats keenly long for the docks

They long to come to a journey’s end

For a pearl we pray after the long haul

For Eid breaks our fast always in Shawwal

Translated by: - Shouq Ali Khalil Al Sayegh